2019 Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation $95.00
Follow-Up Consultation $60.00
Lyme Disease and Co-infections $90.00

Prescriptions for Herbal Medicine Cost incurred is in accordance with prescribed herbs. All herbal medicine is prepared and dispensed through Symphony of Herbs following a consultation. Prescription costs are discussed in advance.
Consultation Summary Provision of a written summary with recommendations for herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle practices. Available on request.
Thermal Therapy Bio-Far infrared thermal therapy is available based on health balance following an initial consultation. $45.00

Facilitation of " Herbs for Health ~ Nutrition for Life" seminars, workshops and retreats for corporate organisations and small business operations. Groups of 6 to 10: $45.00 per person Groups of 11 to 20: $35.00 per person
Facilitation of children's (10 years and over) workshops. Groups of 6: $25 per child