A consultation at Symphony of Herbs is an opportunity for us to understand your holistic health balance. It can be likened to listening to a musical composition with its different dynamics and movements. The essence of a consultation is found in establishing information that provides detail of you as a whole person.

Meeting you for the first time takes an hour and thirty minutes during which the following aspects are covered:

  1. Present health concerns including current medication and supplements.

  2. Previous health concerns including health history of family members.

  3. A systemic enquiry to establish relevant information pertaining to your various body systems.

  4. Nutrition practices.

  5. Lifestyle practices.

  6. A physical examination including blood pressure, height and weight, tongue and skin condition.


You can receive a written summary of the consultation and recommendations for herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle practices. Based on the recommendations, you will be professionally supported to take steps to support your health on an ongoing basis.

Meeting you on subsequent occasions may be for a herbal medicine consultation, or for a nutrition consultation. This is determined by where the focus of your initial consultation lies, but naturally adjusts in accordance with your health needs. There is an option to have a pantry assessment done in your home when your existing pantry stores will be assessed to determine how you can realign your nutrition supplies to be nourishing for you, and your family's health.