Steven I., Christchurch:

"I consulted with Sara for a chronic dry scalp and dandruff. For countless years I have tried numerous commercial products for the condition. After consulting with Sara I was impressed to read a comprehensive summary of my consultation, which also included several of my comments. This indicated to me that she is certainly one to listen attentively to my entire health status. It is a rare occurrence that a health practitioner takes the time to provide a detailed document of your present health concerns including herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for on going support.

Sara has prepared her scalp and hair herbal care products for me. Amazing coconut and frankincense scalp oil! These were supplied with detailed instructions of how to use them. In addition, I have been taking herbal tinctures internally to support my scalp and balance my overall health. I am intrigued that she is using tinctures prepared from NZ’s medicinal native flora. Sara’s treatment approach has helped remarkably, and best of all it is natural.

I highly recommend Sara as a very thorough and professional Medical Herbalist."

Nicky M., Rangiora:

"I first met Sara during her “Rejuvenate Your Body” presentations at the Manaia Yoga Spring Retreat in Rangiora. Sara introduced us to a “Rejuvenating” herbal tea with a liver care focus. At first I was unsure about this, but now I drink it nearly every day and miss it if I don't have it. Sara also educated us to squeeze half a lemon into water first thing in the morning. My husband and I have been doing this, and we both started losing weight within a couple of weeks. At the seminar we were treated to the art of body brushing, and it has since become a a daily practice.

I was inspired by Sara to take charge of my health, and with her professional guidance in herbal medicine and nutrition, I have made many positive lifestyle changes for myself and my husband."

Robert S., Rangiora:

I was diagnosed with being pre-diabetic (type 2) and was referred to Sara. She is doing a brilliant job working with and educating me on my eating habits in order to have a more healthy lifestyle. I find her to be very professional and a health professional who is willing to take an empathetic, attentive approach to realigning health conditions. I would highly recommend Sara, especially to my friends and family, who could truly benefit from her expertise."

Melissa Gardiner,Yoga Teacher and Founder of Manaia, North Canterbury:

"Sara and I worked together to create a mini Spring Retreat called "Rejuvenate Your Body", which was held at The Manaia Wellbeing Centre in North Canterbury. The Retreat included yoga, meditation, hands on activities, talks and a walk in nature. Sara was a delight to work with whilst preparing for the Retreat. She had wonderful ideas, was enthusiastic and organised. On the day everything was presented so beautifully and thoughtfully creating a memorable learning experience for all. Sara's genuine passion for herbs and health shines through making her presentations interesting and inspiring. It was a fantastic first Retreat, and I look forward to working with Sara again in the future."

Sonya F., Rangiora:

"After long term problems with my intestinal health, I am thankful that I have been able to find Sara, who has refreshed my appetite for food that is not only healthy, but tastes great. She has been able to assess my pantry and instead of being stocked with food items which aggravate my food sensitivities, I now have a pantry to help me create meals that support my health. I have been very impressed with Sara's nutrition knowledge and her creative way to educate me on step-by step pathways that inspire me to lead a healthier life through nutrition."

Kathryn B., Cust:

"I was fortunate to meet Sara during her educational seminar for herbs that work with our liver. I felt incredibly inspired to use herbs as medicine as a result of listening to the presentation. After an initial consultation with Sara at her practice, Symphony of Herbs, I have been using various combinative herbal tinctures to support my liver. I have used many medical drugs at various stages of my life and now fully realise the extra work my liver has had to do. It has been wonderfully healing to have professional advice to take a proactive approach to my holistic health with medicinal herbs. I particularly appreciate how Sara takes the "whole me" into account and not just my parts! I highly recommend Sara as an inspirational and professional Medical Herbalist."